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On Being a Fan

I took me a while before writing this down. I have to look at it in a different perspective unlike other people who I have contact with. And writing this down would mean some people would criticize me or say

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I Don’t Get It

The suppose title should be “clueless” but I opted to use the phrase for a change. It was something that happened at work. A few days ago, while we are trying to cough out more sales, we’ve bend a company

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Thank You

I don’t know if it’s natural. But I think the blood of being an activist runs somewhere in my blood. I might have “inherited” it during my stay in college. Some students there have different ways of showing their disagreement or disgust

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If you have been following my blog or have been liking my poems, you’d notice that it’s part of the NaPoWriMo. I was able to keep up with writing poems on a daily basis. But unfortunately, as you would notice,

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Poem No. 8 (Tree)

the tree sways from left to right, from right to left. dancing along with the wind, waving it’s hands. it’s leaves are like confetti, blessing the earth. 

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Poem No. 7 (Faith)

Have a little faith, Before it’s too late. Believe what’s to come, Rather than go numb. You would be losing, The one you’re loving.

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Mga Masasamang Espiritu ( Evil Spirits)

This one will be written in my native language. I don’t think I can write it in English that well. And if I do so, it would mean headaches to most people who’d be reading this. I hope Google could

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