On Being a Fan

I took me a while before writing this down. I have to look at it in a different perspective unlike other people who I have contact with. And writing this down would mean some people would criticize me or say some other things. especially about my loyalty. But what the heck? I got to say this.
About a week ago, the team that I’m follow or rooting for in the Philippine Basketball League just got beaten the second straight time and been knockout of the quarterfinals match. This, is while having a twice-to-win advantage versus their opponent. An opponent whom they use to win against.
I wasn’t able to watch the game because in at work during that time. And I do not bother to watch the replay coz it wouldn’t change the outcome. But I did read a lot from the different fans of each team (especially ours.) And most of the fans on our side are complaining about the officiating. The bad calls and non calls. Some are even saying that it’s this player’s fault or that one’s fault. I read some saying it all of the coach’s fault.
Then there is this one fan who posted in a facebook page saying that the fans on our side are stupefied by the loss. That we somehow deserve the loss because we are arrogant in “choosing” the team to face in the QF.
Well, what I don’t like about it is that he suddenly jumped overboard and watch us as the boat sink. He is a fan of our team. One of us. And I don’t like it when someone just leave the team.
Enough of that.
What am I trying to point out? About the loss, well it’s a game. In the Philippines we call it “bilog ang bola” (the ball is round.) And any team can win a game no matter how the odds could be against them.
About the officiating? Yes. the referees are getting paid. By the league, i hope, and no one else. And that’s why the team should build a big lead early on.So that bad calls or non-calls could not decide the game.
About the players fault? Well, as a viewing public or fans, we don’t have a control on the game. Yes, we can scream our hearts out or shout profanities to the players. Believe in the players abilities. Pray. But those won’t make a team a sure winner.
As fans, we can only cheer and watch. We can’t control the game. It’s not in our hands.
If the team loses. Don’t blame anyone.
Just cheer on.

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