I Don’t Get It

The suppose title should be “clueless” but I opted to use the phrase for a change.
It was something that happened at work. A few days ago, while we are trying to cough out more sales, we’ve bend a company policy. It’s not really that much but hey, it could get worse.
I work as an invoicing clerk in a direct selling company. And we let our client “borrow” products through credit limits. Borrow is the term I’ve used because it’s not a sale until the client or dealer or costumer pays it. The credit limit works like most CL (ex. credit cards.) And once it’s all been used up, their up-line or managers would suretize them. To add some more CL. And if the manager doesn’t have a Cl, the staff (us) could override it. But this is only in the powers of the branch manager and supervisor (branch level.)
In our case, its the Managing Director (dealer) who needs to have more CL. But both the branch manager and the supervisor does not have enough CL to override the said dealer. And what did the supervisor did? She used the account of the former branch manager to override it. This, while using my account to invoice the transaction. Which means that when the internal audits would ever notice it, i’ll be the one to suffer.
So what did i do? I’ve PM our Area Manager about it. So that she would be aware of it. And what she did? Called up the supervisor the next day and told her that I’ve reported the incident.
Now the supervisor is mad at me.
What I don’t get is that, I still “reported” it within our team and I’m still the bad guy. Should I’ve reported it to the Head Office, things would have been more complicated.
Now, I don’t trust anyone in the branch when regards to reporting little discrepancies.
So much for the company’s battle cry for integrity.
Even the people in the position won’t take it.
The Company wants change. But some people, doesn’t seem to buy the idea.

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