Thank You

I don’t know if it’s natural. But I think the blood of being an activist runs somewhere in my blood. I might have “inherited” it during my stay in college. Some students there have different ways of showing their disagreement or disgust with the school administration. One thing stand out though, is that no matter who would take office, the “leftist” would always fight against him/her.

Well, I feel that I’m somewhat like them. Especially when it comes to the President of this country. But this time, unlike other times, I would like to thank the previous administration.

Nope. Not because it’s better than the current administration. I don’t think they would differ that much in any way. Rather, I would like to thank the previous administration for all of the wage hikes it done in the last 4 years.

Why? Because without them, I won’t get any increase in my salary. Four years of service and not even a cent of company initiated raise. Four years of service to the costumers and not much service returned. 

So much for loyalty.

I’ll start looking for a new job.

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