And the Survey Says…

“So who will you be voting?” the pretty lady at the counter asked me.
“Huh?” I said. Either I don’t understand the question or I don’t have an answer. But probably it’s both.
“On the Independent party.” Pointing with her eyes at the Gulp cup that I placed on the counter.
Well, after some seconds of looking at the caricatures of the people on it, I’ve noticed that there is only one guy whom I know.I won’t be mentioning the name here though. But really, I didn’t bought the Gulp for the cup or to be part of a survey. I just kinda like the color of the cup. It’s white… OK, it’s not really white. It’s more like a gray or off- white. But I like it, nonetheless.
Anyway, I wonder why are they (the convenient store) would do a survey based on the number of cups bought? I mean, not all Filipino can buy a cup. Or would like to buy one for the sake of the survey. Accuracy aside, I think it’s kinda lame. But hey, at least they a program like that. Unlike their counterparts.

Have you tried one?

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