What’s Wrong Here?

At work, we have a daily routine called “morning call.” It’s a meeting, actually. And we spend most of the time on reviewing the sales, recruitment and collection efficiency rating (CER) yesterday. Try to think of ways to do more. To get better.
But not really. We’ve got a problem,you see. And it’s a bit chronic i think. We do have a problem with our sales and all, but i didn’t notice the ‘team’ attack the problem head on. I mean, we tend to resort to giving reasons why we didn’t hit our daily sales. Dwell on the humor of a certain situation or customer. Sharing the events of yesterdays or yesteryear’s in a way connected only with a common word.
I know, i’m also guilty with those humors and non sequitur thrown at the table. But i do know when to concentrate on how to solve a problem. Of course, i’m not that good, especially on details. But i can give the ‘spark’ needed to start things up.
Now, the challenge is the when i try to put the meeting on track (which i do very seldom,) they won’t be listening. Or as what happened last time, give me an excuse on why it can’t be done. I’m not saying that only i, and i alone, have the best idea. Hell no. I just want to solve the problem with a solution that’s not hanging in the air. It’s what one of our senior regional manager said once during a meeting. That solving a problem is simple- just know where you want to go and think of how to get there.
Amen to that i say.
But here, right now, we are just saying “that’s doable!” “We can still make it!” And other positive comments. That, without even having concrete ways to do things.

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