Sidewalks are for People

Eversince the boom of motorcycle sale here in the Philippines, it seems to be that almost every household has one. With the fare of jeepneys and buses kept on rising, it became ideal to go and grab a motorcycle. Even if it would be through deferred terms. Buy one unit now and make it payable for two years is cheap. But by the end of that 2nd year, you’d be buying a new one.
The other advantage of ride a motorcycle is it’s ability to find it’s way inside the traffic. And by traffic, i mean the traffic in the metro. Which made the ordinary Pinoys to improvise (so they say) on how to beat the traffic.
One of these is taking their motorcycles on the sidewalk. Overtaking the traffic have never been this good. Or is it? Well, if you’re the one riding the motorcycle, you’d be happy to drive on the sidewalk. But if you’re a pedestrian like me, and you would hear a ‘beep beep’ from behind you, you would wonder whether sidewalks really are for people to walk on to. And don’t bother to ask for help from the police or traffic enforcers. Believe me you don’t want a culprit to catch it’s kind.
Now. What to do with it? Calling the MMDA!

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