I don’t know what’s with us Pinoys and revolution. Well, i know that we have been doing it from the start of the Spanish conquer of our country. And since then, even though some (or most) failed, uprising against the government had been in the blood of every Pinoy.
Now, don’t get me wrong here. I, for one, had a thing or two to say against those who are in ‘authority.’ Especially when those guys (and gals) abuse whatever power they have. Even with just so little power given to them, they use it over people like me. And that sometimes (if not most of the times) hits a nerve or two.
But, one of things that i don’t pretty much get is- some people tries to overthrow whoever have a power or authority (eg., the Phil. President.) They would always like to have a ‘new’ leader.That, even if the guy just happen to take the seat at what, 2 months?
I’m not to dwell with their acts that much. But i’m just wondering ‘why?’ Why keep on complaining and always wanting to take the guy out of the chair? Why complain or look for the person’s shortcomings without even giving suggestions on how to improve things. To put a solution to the problem?
That’s what seems to be happening in the office where i work. I don’t want to judge my co-workers but i got a feeling that they want to be the ones to run things. One overthrowing is enough. Overthrowing the next one would make the true colors come out.

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