Every company or organisation preaches teamwork to their people. From the heights of Mount Olympus down to Hades the Mission statement is sent. And everyone is expected to participate. To work with the team. To share the load. To perform with other people or department or section (or you get it.) But the question is does the people embrace teamwork? Or is it just another word printed in your button pin along with “excellence” and “integrity” to form the word “TIE?”

But what is teamwork? Honestly, I don’t really know. There seems to be a lot of books about it. A lot of “Gurus” preach it. A lot of sport fans blame it when their team is losing or had lost a game. 

However we define it. Teamwork is basically working together as one cohesive unit. Just like what the picture above says: share victory. share defeat.

I’ve been in a receiving end of being perceived as a “non-team player.” I wonder how did I end up not being a team player when, in fact, there is no team to begin with? Worse, it was handed down or passed along to the next guy to evaluate me. 

Teamwork is the product of having teams actually work- for the better. And if there were any shortcomings by a member, you don’t abandon ship and let the other guys sink. Teamwork is something not just said (or printed,) it’s something that is inculcated to the hearts and mind of the team members. 

When teamwork won’t work, it becomes team-worst. And with it, you think groups would have been better.

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2 comments on “Teamworst
    • I like the part on solo planning. it’s like what tom peters introduced in BrandYou:50. but this one is in “team” setting.
      i like it. given me a fresh perspective.

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