To Ban or Not to Ban…

The Filipino basketball fans are quite divided on the Balkman incident. This is about the league’s (PBA) decision to ban him for life and having him fined for some amount. This result to the “re-evaluation” of the San Miguel Corp (SMC) on their participation to the league. Some are saying that they may make a pull-out of their teams (Ginebra, Petron and San Mig Coffee) from the league.
Most of the SMC fans (fanatics, if you may, those who believe in “never say die”) are not taking the decision of the commissioner constructively. Yes, there might be a “non-call” by the ref. Yes, Balkman only pushed his teammates (including one assistant coach) and choking Arwind Santos along the way. Yes, he did made a public apology. Yes, the fine may be too steep. And yes, the fan for life is lethal.
But doesn’t these folks get it? The Commissioner is just doing his job to protect the league. Yes, we can forgive Balkman for his outburst. But kume (Commissioner) is not only looking at the present. He’s looking at what this incident might do to damage the league in the long run.
Just think about it. What if (for the sake of argument) the league did not punished Balkman. What would the other imports think? Both current and future? They’d think the league is a push over. And that’s one thing Kume won’t let to happen.

That’s the bottom line.

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