On Being a Fan

I took me a while before writing this down. I have to look at it in a different perspective unlike other people who I have contact with. And writing this down would mean some people would criticize me or say some other things. especially about my loyalty. But what the heck? I got to say this.
About a week ago, the team that I’m follow or rooting for in the Philippine Basketball League just got beaten the second straight time and been knockout of the quarterfinals match. This, is while having a twice-to-win advantage versus their opponent. An opponent whom they use to win against.
I wasn’t able to watch the game because in at work during that time. And I do not bother to watch the replay coz it wouldn’t change the outcome. But I did read a lot from the different fans of each team (especially ours.) And most of the fans on our side are complaining about the officiating. The bad calls and non calls. Some are even saying that it’s this player’s fault or that one’s fault. I read some saying it all of the coach’s fault.
Then there is this one fan who posted in a facebook page saying that the fans on our side are stupefied by the loss. That we somehow deserve the loss because we are arrogant in “choosing” the team to face in the QF.
Well, what I don’t like about it is that he suddenly jumped overboard and watch us as the boat sink. He is a fan of our team. One of us. And I don’t like it when someone just leave the team.
Enough of that.
What am I trying to point out? About the loss, well it’s a game. In the Philippines we call it “bilog ang bola” (the ball is round.) And any team can win a game no matter how the odds could be against them.
About the officiating? Yes. the referees are getting paid. By the league, i hope, and no one else. And that’s why the team should build a big lead early on.So that bad calls or non-calls could not decide the game.
About the players fault? Well, as a viewing public or fans, we don’t have a control on the game. Yes, we can scream our hearts out or shout profanities to the players. Believe in the players abilities. Pray. But those won’t make a team a sure winner.
As fans, we can only cheer and watch. We can’t control the game. It’s not in our hands.
If the team loses. Don’t blame anyone.
Just cheer on.

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I Don’t Get It

The suppose title should be “clueless” but I opted to use the phrase for a change.
It was something that happened at work. A few days ago, while we are trying to cough out more sales, we’ve bend a company policy. It’s not really that much but hey, it could get worse.
I work as an invoicing clerk in a direct selling company. And we let our client “borrow” products through credit limits. Borrow is the term I’ve used because it’s not a sale until the client or dealer or costumer pays it. The credit limit works like most CL (ex. credit cards.) And once it’s all been used up, their up-line or managers would suretize them. To add some more CL. And if the manager doesn’t have a Cl, the staff (us) could override it. But this is only in the powers of the branch manager and supervisor (branch level.)
In our case, its the Managing Director (dealer) who needs to have more CL. But both the branch manager and the supervisor does not have enough CL to override the said dealer. And what did the supervisor did? She used the account of the former branch manager to override it. This, while using my account to invoice the transaction. Which means that when the internal audits would ever notice it, i’ll be the one to suffer.
So what did i do? I’ve PM our Area Manager about it. So that she would be aware of it. And what she did? Called up the supervisor the next day and told her that I’ve reported the incident.
Now the supervisor is mad at me.
What I don’t get is that, I still “reported” it within our team and I’m still the bad guy. Should I’ve reported it to the Head Office, things would have been more complicated.
Now, I don’t trust anyone in the branch when regards to reporting little discrepancies.
So much for the company’s battle cry for integrity.
Even the people in the position won’t take it.
The Company wants change. But some people, doesn’t seem to buy the idea.

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Thank You

I don’t know if it’s natural. But I think the blood of being an activist runs somewhere in my blood. I might have “inherited” it during my stay in college. Some students there have different ways of showing their disagreement or disgust with the school administration. One thing stand out though, is that no matter who would take office, the “leftist” would always fight against him/her.

Well, I feel that I’m somewhat like them. Especially when it comes to the President of this country. But this time, unlike other times, I would like to thank the previous administration.

Nope. Not because it’s better than the current administration. I don’t think they would differ that much in any way. Rather, I would like to thank the previous administration for all of the wage hikes it done in the last 4 years.

Why? Because without them, I won’t get any increase in my salary. Four years of service and not even a cent of company initiated raise. Four years of service to the costumers and not much service returned. 

So much for loyalty.

I’ll start looking for a new job.

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If you have been following my blog or have been liking my poems, you’d notice that it’s part of the NaPoWriMo. I was able to keep up with writing poems on a daily basis. But unfortunately, as you would notice, I’ve only got eight poems so far. And it’s like, the 13th of the month. Which means I got about five poems to catch up.

Well, it’s not really my fault. I had a problem connecting with my account here. for two or three days now.




i can still catch up. that will be like two poems per day. 




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Poem No. 8 (Tree)

the tree sways from left to right,

from right to left.

dancing along with the wind,

waving it’s hands.

it’s leaves are like confetti,

blessing the earth. 


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Poem No. 7 (Faith)

Have a little faith,

Before it’s too late.

Believe what’s to come,

Rather than go numb.

You would be losing,

The one you’re loving.

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Mga Masasamang Espiritu ( Evil Spirits)

This one will be written in my native language. I don’t think I can write it in English that well. And if I do so, it would mean headaches to most people who’d be reading this.

I hope Google could do the trick.


Sa ating mga Pinoy, kapag sinabi na “masamang espiritu,” ang unang naiisip agad ay mga multo. Kasama na din siguro dun yung mga maligno at iba pang mga nakakatakot na makikita sa movie na Panday. Yung iba naman ay makikita sa Shake, Rattle and Roll series.

Kung minsan tuloy, kapag medyo “minanalas” ang isang tao o yung isang lugar, ang sinisisi ay yung mga maligno. Pag madaming naaaksidente sa kalye, may White Lady. Pag umihi sa kung saan at lumaki o namaga ang ano nya at yung kuwan nya, may duwende o nuno sa punso. At marami pa sigurong iba na hindi ko na alam.

Gaya sa pinagtatrabahuhan kong kumpanya. Yung branch namin ay isang gusali na matagal ng walang umuupa. Dati syang eskwelahan na may tatlong palapag. Ginagamit namin yung una at ikalawang palapag. yung ikatlo ay bakante.

Sabi ng mga kasamahan ko ay may nararamdaman sila na kung ano. Kesyo may animo na dumadaan sa gilid nila, o may imahe sa kung saan. O kaya naman ay may umuungol o nagsasalita. At ito yung napagkakabiruan naming dahilan kung bakit mahina ang benta namin. Kaya nga nasabi ng isang kasamahan ko na dapat ay magpamisa kami. para daw umalis yung masasamang espiritu.

Napaisip ako. Baka naman hindi yung mga masasamang espiritu na ganun ang problema? Baka naman ibang masamang espiritu yung  dapat na masupil?

Teka. Anong masamang espiritu ba yung tinutukoy ko?

Hindi ako relihiyosong tao. At ayaw ko sana na maguusap ng ukol sa ganun dito. YUng mga ganito ksai ang nagiging tumpukan ng mga pagtatalo at debate. Pero kelangan kong isulat ito dahil ito ang laton ng account ko na to: ang ipakita yung mga hindi nakikita ng ibang tao. At sa kasong ito ay yung tungkol sa mga masasamang espiritu na kinakatakutan natin.

Eh ano nga ba yung masamang espiritu na yun? Sa Biblia, nagpapalayas ng mga masasamang espiritu ang Cristo. May part ng istorya na yung mga pinalayas nya ay nagpuntahan sa mga baboy. At nagpakamatay yung mga baboy.

Sa bautismo, yung nabautismuhan ay umaalis yung masamang espiritu sa kanya at naghahanap ng ibang mapapamahayanan. At kung san sya makapamahay, sasama yung tao na yun.

Yung espiritu na yun, ay yung mararamadaman mo sa isang tao na may maling ginagawa. Nadidiwaan yung o nararamadaman. Pag may ginagawa syang mali, kahit patago, mararamdaman mo yun. Lalo kung matalas yung pakiramdam mo sa ganung mga bagay. 

At may nadidiwaan ako sa mga kasama ko sa trabaho. Kahit na ba iba ang sinasabi nila, iba yung ipinapakita ng galaw nila – pati na din ng tono ng boses. May kasama ako na palatalo. mayroong nagaangat sa sarili. May nananaghili. Mayroong may masamang mata. Mayroon yung umaalipusta sa pagsakop ng namiminuno sa amin.

Ito yung mga masasamang espiritu na “natatago” sa puso ng tao. At nakikita ko to. Sa palagay ko, hangga’t hindi nasusupil ang mga ito, hindi kami makakausad.

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